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"Law shews itself in a mask," wrote Bentham (1977, 124) almost exactly two hundred years before the first CLS conference. Bentham's pioneering work on general jurisprudence was motivated by a drive to strip jurisprudence of this mask (ibid., 410). This "demystification" project, as Hatt called it, sprang from Bentham's conviction that "human society and its legal structure which had worked so much human misery, had been protected from criticism by myths, mysteries, and illusions, not all of them intentionally generated, yet all of them profitable to interested parties" (Hart 1982, 25- 6). Critical legal theories two centuries later might have drawn inspiration and direction from Bentham's work, had they been aware of it, but, like twentieth century legal theorists of nearly all stripes, they knew little of the history of their own tradition. They looked rather to Marx, or rather to contemporary readings of Marx, and this gave distinctive., albeit more ambitious and problematic, shape to a major theme in their work. Central to CLS and at least the radical wing of feminist jurisprudence is the view of law as ideology (Gordon 1982, 1984; Hutchinson 1989, 3; Kelman 1987, chap. 8; MacKinnon 1982, 1989).

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国务院要求PM2.5等监测2015年覆盖地级以上城市 - 中国新闻网

国务院要求PM2.5等监测2015年覆盖地级以上城市 - 中国新闻网:


国务院:加强大气污染防治 加快淘汰落后产能凤凰网
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